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Choosing the right Medicare plan is like trying to order off a hundred-page menu at a restaurant. There are Advantage Plans and Cost Plans and Pilot Programs, not to mention a veritable “alphabet soup” of options ranging from Parts A through D. Put another way, there simply isn’t enough time for the average person to gain a comprehensive understanding of the countless combinations before placing their “order.” Thankfully, we can help.

In Professor Medicare’s Easy Guide to Medicare, you’ll find everything you need to know so you can choose a plan with confidence. Available in both e-book and hardcover versions, this guide distills everything on the subject in an easy-to-read format with clear translations. In other words, we decipher all the jargon for you, so there’s no need to perform additional research on the side.

In addition to straightforward advice in plain English, you’ll find our powerful—and proven—step-by-step system for choosing the right plan. Instead of wasting time online searching for answers that don’t quite address your questions or spending hours on the phone with an overworked representative, you can settle in with our book and find all the information you need at your own leisure. Written by Craig Stout and Donna Ludington in 2020, the book is updated annually, so you can be sure it always contains the most accurate information regarding deductibles, premiums, and program costs.

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