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February 14, 2022

How Does Moving Your Residence Affect Medicare Coverage?

Moving Your Residence Affect Medicare If you plan to move from one state to another or only going from one county to another, it can affect your Medicare plan/plans. Let’s look at three scenarios so you will be prepared for a potential move.


Your Medicare Advantage plan is in a specific network rooted to your County. What if you move from one county to another in Colorado? Your plan may change. When a client plans to move, we help them find a plan that fits. Some plans have multiple counties, but not all do.

Here are some facts about moving that you may not be aware of. If you are moving out of your current Med Advantage network, you have a Special Election Period that starts one month before your move and continues two months after your move. This Special Election gives you the right to enroll in any Medicare Advantage plan offered, and you also have the right to enroll in a Medicare Supplement/ Medigap plan with guaranteed issue. No health questions.

Bottom line is you can enroll in either Medicare Advantage or Medigap for your new coverage, but what if you have a Medicare Supplement.


In all states except Wisconsin, Minnesota, or Massachusetts, Medigap plans have identical benefits and no networks. When you move, your coverage will not change, but you may have a change in your monthly premium. Could go up or down depending on your new zip code.

What if you want to change Medicap plans when you move? In that case, you will need to apply for the new plan and will have health questions to answer. It is not Guaranteed Issue as when one moves from Medicare Advantage plan to a Medigap when changing residences.

What if you want to move from Medigap to Medicare Advantage? You would need to wait until Annual Enrollment which runs from October 15 to December 7.

What if you have a Part D plan with either Original Medicare or a Medigap plan?


Drug plans are linked to your state of residence. That means you only need to change your plan if moving out of state. Any payments you made toward your yearly deductible will be included in the new coverage.

What if you have Original Medicare A and B?


When you move, your benefits will not change. Also, any amounts you have paid toward your deductibles will apply when you move. You will not have to pay any excess charges due to your move.


Along with all the other tasks related to moving, it is common to forget about any changes you may deal with regarding Medicare. We can help with that but be sure to get started once you have set your move date. Give Professor Medicare a call and we will help with sorting out the details and make sure you get the coverage you need for your new home. Give the pros at Professor Medicare a ring at 858-689-7445 today!

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