October 10, 2021


2022 Part D plans are now released and can be changed from October 15 to December 7 with a January 1 start date.  Your premiums, plans, pricing and formularies may be different. Below you will a few plans that are changing for 2022. You should have received an Annual Notice of Change from your Part D carrier. Read it carefully. Some plans are being discontinued and you will be moved to another. Others may have decreases or increases in premiums. Your deductible will change from $445 to $480, mandated by Medicare.
Your Annual Notice of Change details how your current Part D plan will/will not change for 2022.
WELLCARE is making substantial changes. In 2021 there are 6 Part D plans in Colorado and nationwide. Medicare has ordered that WELLCARE must trim the selection to 3 plans for 2022. Be sure to check your plan and note the changes. Here is a chart to show the 2021 plans and corresponding 2022 plans.
2021                           2022
Classic: $30.90          TO:Classic: $33.90
Value Script: $14.50  TO:Value Script: $5.50
Value Plus: $81.50     TO:Value Plus: $68.90
Saver: $32.30            TO:Classic: $33.90
Wellness: $16.40       TO:Value Script: $5.50
Select: $25.40            TO:Value Plus: $68.90
HUMANA’S most popular plan, the WALMART VALUE RX, is having an increase from $17.20 to $22.70
SILVER SCRIPT SAVER RX is going from $7.30 to$7.60 a month.
As you can see the big changes are with WELLCARE.
On another note, we have found a very good discount drug plan. It’s free and comes up lower than Good RX around 80% of the time- at least that is what I found when checking prices. You can use it for any of your more expensive meds. It’s worth a try to see if you can save. This isn’t for every med, but there are substantial savings for many commonly used meds. It’s free. Use this link and this code to get a free card.
We can send you a card if you request it.
You can change Part D plans from October 15 to December 7. With your Medicare Supplement, there is no Annual Enrollment, and that means you can change during the year, but there will be health questions.
Stop by our office in Boulder at 1660 30thStreet in the King Soopers Sunrise Center.
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